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Zinc Electroplating

What is Zinc Electroplating?

Zinc Electroplating Zinc electroplating is a soft, ductile, decorative, corrosion-resistant finish. Unlike most other commonly plated metals, zinc protects the substrate. The protection is accomplished by sacrificing itself. The zinc corrodes before the base metal thereby protecting the base metal. For additional corrosion protection, chromates are applied over the zinc. Chromates used in the zinc electroplating process become a component of the coating. Chromate films are typically very thin, and the chromate coating provides no measurable thickness to the overall coating.

The Georgia Plating Zinc Electroplating Process

Georgia Plating uses an acid chloride zinc plating process to provide our customers with zinc coated parts that meet the most stringent requirements. After the zinc plating process is complete, surface color of the finish provides insight into the level of corrosion resistance provided by the zinc electroplating. The following chart shows the possible range of corrosion protection, depending upon the type of chromate, that each color of zinc plating can provide including non-hexavalent chromates. Georgia Plating is RoHS compliant with Clear, Yellow, and Black Trivalent Chromates.

ColorSalt Spray Corrosion White Rust
Clear96 - 120 hours
Yellow96 - 120 hours
Black96 - 120 hours

Alloys of zinc are available to provide greatly extended corrosion resistance. High performance zinc plating top coats can be added to further extend the corrosion resistance of the zinc plated finishes. Contact our expert engineering group for assistance in determining the best process for your application.

The Georgia Plating Quality Commitment

In order to provide the highest level of zinc electroplating quality to our customers, Georgia Plating has met all of the requirements of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. In addition, Georgia Plating continues to improve quality by using Statistical Control Process (SPC).

The automotive industry has recognized that their customers demand high quality automobiles. Georgia Plating has met that challenge by completing the certification requirements of the IATF 16949 Standard developed by the automotive industry.

Engineering assistance is available for choosing top coats required for the customers’ acid chloride zinc plating requirements. Georgia Plating utilizes a completely automated, computer controlled process. Consistency of our processes is ensured by the commitment to the proper maintenance of equipment and the continuous training of the Georgia Plating team members.

We Care About Our Community and Our Customers

Through the use of non-polluting materials and processes, Georgia Plating supports the goal of clean air and clean water for our community and our state. By using non-hexavalent chromates, air and water pollution are eliminated or minimized. Recycling is an integral part of our acid chloride zinc process. The non-hexavalent chromates also meet or exceed all of the standards required by our customers.

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